I build value by design.

Nad Chishtie

I'm Nad Chishtie, but most people just call me Nad. I'm a London based design leader with 15+ years experience operating at the crossroads of people and technology.

My philosophy revolves around a people-centric approach, combining empathy with acute attention to detail. I'm fascinated by designing design, auteur theory, and elevating simply useable to irresistibly desirable.

I'm VP Design at Element & Matrix, where I help build the missing real-time communication layer for the internet— decentralised, sovereign & secure. Read more on TechCrunch. ↗

Nad Chishtie


VP Design, 2018-Present

Element is a secure communication platform for enterprises who prioritise flexibility, ownership & data sovereignty. Backed and built by the team behind the open source protocol Matrix.

Nad Chishtie



Haiku bridged design and development with a design tool, design token framework and native SDKs for the web, iOS & Android.

Nad Chishtie



Cmune developed a real-time 3D platform, and games built with it. Developing and publishing massively multiplayer games, we reached over 50 million users.

Nad Chishtie

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