I build value through design.

I’m Nad Chishtie, but you can just call me Nad.

Originally hailing from the UK 🇬🇧 for the last 11 years I’ve been honing my skills in design, production and management roles building products for the web, mobile, games and, more recently, VR & AR.

I strive to create elegant solutions that surprise and delight users, while keeping complex technical dependencies in mind for implementation, scalability and developer sanity.

I’ve worked with small, agile teams on skunkworks projects and larger development teams with product lifecycles spanning multiple years.

Depending on the team, resources and deliverables I’ve worn many hats over the years - holding titles like Product Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Growth Lead, Producer, Product Manager & Product Owner.

I also occasionally give talks on design and product development.

What I do

User Experience & Wireframes

Through user research, profiling, wire-framing, prototyping and testing I validate and formalise user experience that works.

Mobile, Web & App Design

When it’s time to add style to substance, I design charming interfaces that surprise and delight users.

Development & Implementation

Whether it’s building static sites, front-end development or in a 3D engine - I can contribute directly to your codebase.

Production & Project Management

Good work is only good when shipped. I manage development cycles using various agile methodologies and tools.

Branding & Creative Direction

From the first to the lasting impression - I’ve branded apps, companies and even run creative direction for an entire Sci-Fi universe.

Operations & Data-Driven Design

Empowering design with data, I’ve managed virtual economies, analytics implementations and A/B campaigns across multiple platforms.

My ethos

Good design starts with empathy.

Whether it's understanding users' needs, satisfying business logic or increasing development velocity - good design starts and ends with empathy.

Solutions are the sum of all their parts.

I don't draw a line between form & function because users don't. What matters more is “what problem am I solving?” and "is it being solved?".

Technically correct is the best kind of correct.

I believe that the best designers are technical; writing semantic HTML, working in 3D engines and using development tools like git all empower better design decisions.

Problems aren’t solved with lorem ipsum.

I believe in writing clear, concise copy as a discipline of design. Typography is only beautiful when communicating the right message.

The best solutions do more than just clock in.

The same goes for me. Free from any one time zone or any one desk, I collaborate with whoever a project leads me to.

Curated Clients.

I take on a limited number of projects at a time to guarantee the focus and time necessary to deliver truly great experiences.

My workflow


Even in the digital age the pen can be mightier than the pixel. I often start designing by sketching with pen and paper. Later, I'll use tools like Adobe XD or InVision to bring wireframes to life and Adobe PhotoShop or Sketch to produce mockups and pixel perfect raster or vector graphics.


With over a decade of experience working with the web, I'm no stranger to front-end development, using whichever CSS and JavaScript libraries make the most sense. I use the Unity engine for cross-platform 3D development and prefer git to version and share repositories.

After years of therapy trial and error I'm no longer scared of the command line.


As with all collaboration, communication is key. Well versed in agile methodologies and the path of the scrum master, I often use tools like Asana, Trello, ScreenHero & Slack to collaborate with others.

Selected work